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Ayurveda gharelu upay


Self Doctory the only way

Rajiv Dixit ji believed that we have to do self doctory because in Bharat there are only 23 lakh registered doctors including allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic and 80 crore patients. If one doctor treats 25 patients a day then also 5 crore 75 lakh patients can be treated in 1 month. India has signed an International treaty that everyone will be healthy till 2014. But it is not possible in any way round.

ayurvedaHardikar an ayurvedic Doctor, one of the most famous ayurvedic doctor said we have to do self doctory. 200 years ago people were not so ill as today, as per the reports of the British Document. If 100% people are ill today then only 8-10 % people were ill 200 years ago. The people those days had good food habits.

Today lakhs of people die in our country without being treated, as we often see in the newspaper and electronic media every day.
Patient the best Doctor
Charak, Vagbhata ji said, a patient can be a best doctor, because the patient understands the pain, problem he is facing appropriately. They said 85% of the disease can be cured without a specialist. Only 15% needs a Specialist.

Know your body, understand your food. शरीर को जान लो ,भोजन को पहचान लो

physiology and anatomy If we know our body by reading some basic physiology and anatomy, means which parts are located where and what is the function of each organ,and understand what should we eat and what not. Then there will be almost no chance of falling ill and if there is a disease we have some gharelu upay, gharelu nuskhe, gharelu upchar, desi nuskhe, home remedies to solve them.

hair loss Ayurvedic treatment

Prevent hair fall

Take 1 litre of Desi Cow milk and prepare Curd (Dahi), then keep this Curd in a tabha utensil for 3-4 days, this curd will turn green, now apply this

know more about ayurveda
cure arthritis by ayurveda


We have seen patients curing,its giving results and curing the disease 100%. We have seen patients feel improvement from the first day,Put 5 leaves

know more about ayurveda
cure night blindness completely

Night Blindness

Put 1-2 drops of kumari Desi Cows urine everyday 2 times.We have seen patients curing, be patient and continue it, because its giving

know more about ayurveda

pottery making

Palm Jaggery- Khajur Gur

Khajur Gur is a specialty of West Bengal. West Bengal and Bangladesh is the only place from where this traditional palm jaggery originated palm jaggery

pottery making

Killer of nutrients the pressure cooker

When we cook food inside the pressure cooker, the water is heated and the vapour starts developing. Pressure is developed on the food from the upperknow more about ayurveda

jai Hanuman

Hanuman chalisa hindi meaning

गुरु से प्रार्थना करता हूँ ,श्रेष्ट गुरु के पैर जो कमल की तरह कोमल हैजो मन के भ्रम को
चंचल्लता को सुधरता है, उस गुरु के पेरो की मे पूजा करता हूँ, मैं रघुनाथ जी के उज्जवल

Hanuman chalisa


Trifala In 3:2:1

Trifala is the mixture of Amla, Bahera, Herda in 3:2:1 proportion.
Decrease your weight by eating trifala in the morning,remove three
doshas VAT, PIT, KAF. Trifala is very far far better then chawanprash....


Rajiv Dixit

Rajiv Dixit death and how Rajiv Dixit Died

Rajiv Dixit death is still a mystery. The main reason behind it was that the
post mortem.Why Antim Yatra was proponed? Did Ram dev Killed
Rajiv Dixit ji.

Rajiv Dixit Death

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