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Rajiv Dixit Death and how Rajiv Dixit Died

The Rajiv Dixit death is still a mystery. The main reason behind it was that the post mortem was not carried out, and the question arose was why.  Did baba ramdev know that it was not a natural death and wanted to hide the reason behind Rajiv Dixit death?

Another question arose was why Rajiv Dixit body taken to patanjali and not to sevagram (Rajiv Dixit home), it was the place from where Rajiv dixit worked for his whole life.

One of Rajiv Dixit old friend of Azadi Bachao andolan said that they all went to patanjali the next night of Rajiv Ji death and saw that the whole body was blue black, and then he with his 9 more friends of Mumbai went to Ramdev office and sat down there from 5 a.m and said if Ramdev does not meet us they will not allow ramdev go from here. So at last Ram dev called them at 7 a.m.  and said Rajiv Dixit died in front of me (Ram dev). After that when they came down and started going towards the hall where Rajiv Dixit’s ji body was kept, they saw Ramdev’s car overtake them and reached there and accelerated the work of Antim Yatra and as we all know the Antim yatra was started 1 hour before the scheduled time.

Why Antim Yatra was proponed?
Do Ramdev Feared that situation can go beyond his control and the post mortem can take place.
In the one young girl also quarreled with Ramdev in the hall on Rajiv Dixit postmortem , he said why the postmortem is not being done and also said Ramdev that don’t think that you are always right, and you take right decisions every time. Why then also the postmortem was not done? Ramdev did not knew that he will face questions on why the postmortem was not done.
It is also being heard that when the Antim Yatra started that Ramdev called someone on phone very close to Rajiv Dixit and said that if you want to do the post mortem, you can go for it, but I can change the post mortem report also.

If Ram dev Killed Rajiv Dixit ji. Then the question arises why?
Was he jealous that Rajiv Dixit is getting more famous, and if it carries on like this then the popularity will come down, so he wanted to remove Rajiv Dixit from the path.
Some people say that Rakesh Kumar and Jaydeep Arya (Kendriya Prabhari) who were working with Ram dev from so many years did not share the stage with ramdev and Rajiv Dixit came and started speaking from the stage and gained popularity, all this things developed a feeling of jealousy in their mindset so they wanted to remove Rajiv Dixit.

Heart attack was not at all cause of Rajiv Dixit death; Rajiv Dixit was given slow poison.
But The last question must be in your mind that why Pradeep Dixit did not spoke out
Why he kept quiet, is there any reason forcing him to keep quiet.

In the comment section all of you must keep your words, so that the Actual reason for Rajiv Dixit Death can be found out.

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